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 January 13th 2008



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Windsurf: Olympic Class - RS:X Male and Female

An excellent day for Alessandra Sensini from Tuscany after winning the first and second race. She repeated the last two buoys "making an error" as though she was waiting for the other competitors. Then she fell and at last cut the finishing line leaving everyone gobsmacked. In all this confusion the judges thought she had made and error, however she was put back in her correct position of the days results. The other two Italian female athletes Laura Linares and Flavia Tartigliani also went went well in todays races. In the male category a good performance in the second race by the young athlete from Caldaro, Fabian Heidegger, taking 8th place and 23rd place in the first race. Federico Esposito took 9th place in the first race. Guido Carli had two good races, he had excellent starts, Marco Baglione struggled the first two races with the light wind conditions. In the overall results behind Sensini comes in Barbara Kendall from New Zealand and Charline Piccon from France. In the male category the New Zealander Tom Ashley takes the lead followed by the Isralian Shahar Zubari and Ivan Pastor Lafuente from Spain.


Video World Championships RS:X - Auckland 2008
1st Regatta - Alessandra Sensini wins

The first day of the World Championships in Auckland began late because of the light winds, with only six to seven knots blowing. The start should have been for mid-day, but was postponed for nearly an hour for both male and female categorys. As soon as NNE breeze blowing at 8 knots began the first athletes began to get in the water, the two "Gold" and "Silver" mens group, made up of 58 athletes each.
A good performance for the Italians in the "Silver" group with Fabian Heidegger in 8th place, making up for his 23rd place in the first race and Federico Esposito taking 9th and 15th place. Tom Ashley in the lead in the "Silver" group, infront of the Isralian Shahar Zubari and Ivan Pastor Lafuente from Spain.


The Spanish Blanca Manchon

Orientals starting

In the Gold group the first race was won by the Isralian Shahar Zubari, followed by the Polish athlete Piotr Myszca and the New Zealander, Jon Paul Tobin. The other Italian athletes Guido Carli and Alessandro Giannini came in at 21st and 49th place. The second race was won by Joao Rodrigues from Portugal, followed by Ho Chi Ho from Hong Kong and the Isaralian Shahar Zubari, 36th and 55th place for Carli and Giannini.


The youth Guido Carli

 Ricardo Santos World Champion in charge

In the two female groups there were 38 athletes in each group. Alessandra Sensini took off in style winning both the days races. She made a spectacular perfomance in the first race allowing herself to "make an error". She passed the last two buoys twice before the finishing line, making it look as though she was waiting for the other female competitors. This gave the judges a little confusion in the order of arrival between the athletes and were ready to rule her out, she was however given her correct arrival position in the results after the judges realized she hadn't broken the rules, and if that wasn't enough, Sensini then fell in the water, after everything that had happend she took her victory of first place just the same. In second place in this first race came in the the Spanish girl Blanca Manchon and Faustine Merret from France, in the second race behind Sensini was Marina Alabau from Spain and Peina Chen, in the general results Alessandra Sensini comes in before New Zealand's favourite, Barbara Kendall. In the "Silver" race group Barbara Kendall took the second race after coming in second place in the first race, behind Charlie Piccon from France, who is third in the overall results.
The female Italian athletes done very well with Laura Linares, 3rd in both races in the "Silver" group, while Flavia Tartagliani who is competing in the same group as Alessandra Sensini came in at 7th and 16th place. In the overall results Linares and Tartagliani take the 6th and 21st positions.

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