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Pubblicazione iscritta il 26/03/1983 al n.10 del Registro della Stampa presso il Tribunale di Palermo Direttore:
Vincenzo Baglione
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WINDSURF Classe Olimpica
Sydney International Regatta 11-15 dicambre 1999

A condurre le classifiche provvisorie nelle risperrive categorie maschile e femminile Lars Kleppich e Jassica Crisp.

Riccardo Giordano, dopo sette prove diputate, si Ŕ portato in terza posizione della classifica provvisoria nella "Sydney Harbour International" preolimpica che si sta disputando in Australia nella stessa localitÓ che ospiterÓ i prossimi Giochi Olimpici del 2000. L'azzurro, portacolori del Club Albaria di Palermo, Ŕ preceduto dal greco Nikos Kaklamanakis (oro ad Atlanta) e dall'australiano padrone di casa Lars Kleppish vincitore di cinque prove su sette disputate.
In campo femminile Jessica Crisp (Australia) Ŕ al comando della classifica davanti alle due francesi, Vidal e Merret, alla neozelandese Barbara Kendall, a Lee Lai Shan (oro ad Atlanta) ad Alessandra Sensini in sesta posizione (2-6-10-14-15-3-3). L'azzurra, medaglia di bronzo ad Atlanta, attualmente seconda nella ranking mondiale ISAF, vincitrice delle maggiori competizioni disputare lo scorso anno sembra stia nascondendo le proprie risorse lasciandosi scavalcare anche dalle rivali-amiche fra le quali Jessica Crisp e Faustine Merret. Dai risultati incostanti, comunque entro il 10░ posto, conseguiti dalla Sensini nelle varie singole prove delle regate degli ultimi due mesi si evidenzia che l'atleta  regata sfruttando solamente il 60% delle proprie possibilitÓ.
Circostanza giÓ verificatasi prima delle Olimpiadi di Atlanta dove la fuoriclasse ha conquistato la medaglia di bronzo.

Riccardo Giordano Home Page
Alessandra Sensini Home Page

Provisional Result Entries: 54 Races Sailed: 7 Discard : 1
Sail No Helm Points Place R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7
AUS1 L. Kleppich 37 1 1 1 1 1 31 55 2
GRE1 N. Kaklamanakis 38 2 2 19 3 3 10 30 1
ITA12 R. Giordano 51 3 4 29 12 10 4 14 7
NZL151 J. P. Tobin 54 4 6 3 7 36 24 5 9
FRA8 N. Huguet 55 5 5 16 16 8 2 21 8
FRA7 A. Guyader 58 6 55 23 8 11 8 3 5
NZL121 D. McIntosh 60 7 3 2 9 19 19 8 26
FRA74 J. Bontemps 60 8 7 14 30 6 3 6 24
GER62 A. Boronian 60 9 APS10 APS10 15 7 15 33 3
ISR18 G. Fridman 62 10 15 7 6 15 23 13 6
35░ Paco Wirz


Provisional Result Entries: 32 Races Sailed: 7 Discard : 1
Sail No Helm Points Place R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7
AUS15 J. Crisp 10 1 5 1 6 1 1 1 1
FRA24 L. Vidal 16 2 1 4 1 6 2 2 7
FRA9 F. Merret 21 3 6 3 4 3 3 18 2
NZL15 B. Kendall 30 4 3 7 5 4 6 6 6
HKG1 L. Lee 31 5 15 11 3 2 4 7 4
ITA25 A. Sensini 38 6 2 6 10 14 15 3 3
FRA272 S. Gros 43 7 8 13 2 5 16 10 5
AUS2 N. Sturges 53 8 4 9 11 9 10 13 10
FRA4 J. Gardahaut 56 9 13 5 9 13 5 15 11
USA76 L. Butler 58 10 17 8 8 7 13 5 21

Risultati Completi:

Report from December 14, by Megan Seton, Australian Yachting Federation
Kleppich Stops for Breath as Crisp Surges Forward
To the delight of the international competitors, Australia's Lars Kleppich has finally slowed down in the Sydney International Regatta. Kleppich stormed through the fleet in the first two days of competition to have a scorecard that boasted all first
placings, however, today his results were almost human!

In the lighter conditions today, Kleppich finished the first race in 31st place and was over the line at the start of the second
race to record an OCS. However, he came back in the final race to finish second behind 1996 Gold Medallist Nikolas
Kaklamanakis of Greece. Even with these results, Kleppich maintains his overall lead, although he is only one point ahead of

However, Jessica Crisp flew the flag for the Australians today in the Mistral Women's event. Crisp, mimicking the form of
Kleppich, finished the day's three races with a perfect scorecard of three wins. This brings Crisp into the overall lead in the
Women's event. However, it wasn't such a great day for her fellow-Aussie Natasha Sturges, who finished back in the fleet in
all three races. Sturges is currently eighth overall.

Competition in the 49er Class is certainly hotting up as this is the final event for the 49ers in their Australian Olympic Team
nomination. Chris Nicholson is showing the form that has won him three World Championships, as he staged a great
fightback today against his strong rival Adam Beashel. At the start of the first race, there was an individual recall and
Beashel and crew Teague Czislowski completed a penalty turn, before sailing off into the course of an oncoming barge. This
slowed their progress in the race and they crossed the line in 17th place, whilst Nicholson crossed in seventh. The day got
better and better for Nicholson and crew Daniel Phillips, and they finished the last two races with a second and a third.
Beashel wasn't so fortunate and finished with a seventh and ninth placing. Overall Nicholson is now leading the fleet on 42
points, four points clear of the second-placed Bruni brothers of Italy. Beashel is in sixth place and will be looking to improve
on this placing tomorrow.

Michael Blackburn is also looking good in the Laser Class. Blackburn has maintained his second placing behind Brazil's
Robert Scheidt after the first day of racing in the Gold Fleet. Blackburn finished the day strongly with two wins in the final
two races. His other result today was an 18th. He is currently four points behind Scheidt, and with a 20 point drop back to
third place, it appears the regatta will be fought out between Scheidt and Blackburn tomorrow.

Melbourne's Sarah Blanck is also showing some great form in the Europe Class. Blanck had a great day to finish with two
fourth placings and a win. This brings her up to fifth place overall. The fleet is still being led by Finland's Sari Multala, whilst
current World Champion, Margriet Mattijsse is in eighth place. Australia's Melanie Dennison is currently in 11th place.

In the 470 Class, Sydney youngsters Nathan Wilmot and Daniel Smith had another good day sailing off Sydney Heads
today. Wilmot and Smith are in third place overall after scoring a 17,3,10 today. Leading the Men's 470 Fleet is Alvario
Marinho of Portugal, whilst the other Aussies are further back in the fleet. Tom King and Mark Turnbull are in sixth place,
whilst Cameron Hooper and Malcolm Page are back in 15th place.

However, the race for Olympic nomination is hotting up in the women's 470 event. The battle continues between the three
teams of Jenny Armstrong, Jeni Danks and Anna Coxon. Armstrong and crew Belinda Stowell continue to have the edge
after today's racing. They are currently in sixth place after scoring a 9,13,9 today. In 11th place is 1992 & 96 Olympians Jeni
Danks and Addy Bucek, who had a better day to record an 11,7,10. They are only nine points ahead of Anna Coxon and
Karyn Gojnich in 12th place. They scored a 13,20,4 today.

In the Tornados, 1998 World Champions Darren Bundock and John Forbes won the final race today, after several attempts to
start the race. Bundock and Forbes didn't have such a great start to the day, so their overall placing has dropped to third.
Leading the fleet is France's Xavier Revil, who is only one point ahead of fellow countryman Pierre Pennec.

1996 Olympic Bronze Medallists Colin Beashel and David Giles also competed in the Star Class today. Having not
competed yesterday, Beashel and Giles won all three races today, which brings them into third place overall. Italy's
Benamati and Maffezzoli are leading the fleet, in front of Tucker and Bracewell of Australia.

The Solings began their match racing in Farm Cove today and Roy Heiner of the Netherlands has sailed well. With six flights
completed, Heiner has won all six of his matches. He is just ahead of Neville Wittey and Phillippe Presti of France who each
have five wins.

In the Finns, Iain Percy continues to lead the fleet ahead of Fredrik Loof of Sweden. Percy has had fantastic speed
downwind, which has given him the advantage over the past days. Australia's Anthony Nossiter has moved into 10th place,
whilst Carl Schmidt of Melbourne is in 20th.

In the 2.4mR Paralympic Class, Peter Thompson who finished second at last year's World Championships is leading the

The Laser Radials are being led by Chris Kitchen of New Zealand, who is just ahead of fellow-countryman Craig Prentice.

Top five by class so far:
Mistral Men
1. L. Kleppich, AUS, 37 points
2. N Kaklamanakis, GRE, 38
3. Riccardo. Giordano, ITA, 51
4. J.P. Tobin, NZL, 54
5. N. Huguet, FRA, 55

Mistral Women
1. J. Crisp, AUS, 11
2. L. Vidal, FRA, 16
3. F. Merret, FRA, 25
4. L. Lee, HKG, 29
5. B. Kendall, NZL, 37
6. A. Sensini, ITA

1. I. Percy, GBR, 11
2. F. Loof, SWE, 20
3. R. Clarke, CAN, 32
4. M. Kusznierewicz, POL, 35
5. S. Godefroid, BEL, 36

1. S. Multala, FIN, 19 points
2. K. Roug, DEN, 20
3. L. Smidova, CZE, 27
4. M. Coleman, IRL, 36
5. S. Blanck, AUS, 38

1. R. Scheidt, BRA, 6
2. M. Blackburn, AUS, 11
3. P. Moberg, NOR, 23
4. S. Small, NZL, 27
5. S. Kats, NED, 33

49er (Gold Fleet)
1. C. Nicholson / D. Phillips, AUS, 42
2. F. Bruni / G. Bruni, ITA, 46
3. P. Kacprowski / P. Kuzmicki, POL, 54
4. J. McKee / C. McKee, USA, 60
5. T. Robinson / Z. Elliott, GBR, 60

1. X. Revil / L. Guillemette, FRA, 16
2. P. Pennec / Y. Guichard, FRA, 16
3. D. Bundock / J. Forbes, AUS, 20
4. J. Polger / C. Happel, GER, 25
5. J. Mourniac / P. Mourniac, FRA, 29

Soling - Match Racing
R. Heiner, NED 6 wins, 0 losses
N. Wittey, AUS 5-1
P. Presti, FRA, 5-1
P. Cian, ITA, 4-2
A. Beadsworth, GBR, 4-2
J. Madrigali, USA, 3-3
C. Binder, AUT, 1-5
K. Kuramici, JPN, 1-5
M. Hayes, AUS, 1-5
M. Dunstan, AUS, 0-6

470 Men
1. A. Marinho / M. Nunes, POR, 35 points
2. G. Martinez / T. Cantero, ESP, 39
3. N. Wilmont / D. Smith, AUS, 47
4. T. Copi / M. Margon, SLO, 53
5. D. Berezkin / M. Krutikov, RUS, 55

470 Women
1. V. Kratchun / N. Gadonovitch, RUS, 24
2. N. Via-Dufresne / S. Azon, 27
3. S. Kedmy / A Fabrikant, ISR, 28
4. J. Isler / P. Glaser, USA, 35
5. S. Bekatorou / E. Tsoulfa, GRE, 50

Laser Radial
1. C. Kitchen, NZL, 8 points
2. C. Prentice, NZL, 14
3. C. Peters, NZL, 20
4. L. Mitchell, AUS, 23
5. J. Eloff, RSA, 33

2.4 Metre
1. P. Thompson, AUS, 8
2. M. Leydon, AUS, 11 points
3. N. Moloney, AUS, 13
4. M. McLean, AUS, 15
5. Z. Pegan, AUS, 28

1. R. Benamati / L. Maffezzoli, ITA, 10
2. G. Tucker / D. Braggwell, AUS, 11 points
3. C. Beashel / D. Giles, AUS, 21
4. J. Hancock / D. William, AUS, 22
5. P. Baker / P. Baker Sr, AUS, 23

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