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Vincenzo Baglione
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26 novembre 1998

After two races today, in lighter winds (7 to 10 knots) and plenty of sunshine, the German team and defending world champion Roland
Gaebler / Rene Schwall, scoring a 1st and 2nd places, have jumped up in the leader board from 5th place to share the lead with
Aussies Darren Bundock / John Forbes.

The Germans managed to play the shifts well, and won the second race from start to finish. The biggest loser of the was the French
team brothers Jean and Philippe Mourniac that got involved in a collision in the first race of the day with the Swiss team brothers
Marcel and Jorg Steiner -, damaging the stern, and forcing the team to retire for the day. After a careful inspection on shore by
Tornado builder Goran Marstrom there is doubt whether the Mourniacs will be able to continue racing.

The change in conditions and shifty winds also changed the leader board, giving some lighter wind specialist a chance to show their
form. Spaniards Fernando Leon / Jose Luiz Ballester won the first race of the day, but then scored a disappointing 36th place. The
Brazilians Mauricio Santa Cruz / Kiko Pellicano improved their standings, with a 10th and 6th places, jumping to 30th overall.

With all races on schedule, tomorrow (Friday) will be lay-day for all competitors. A fast approaching cold front may bring bad weather
to the area. Instead of enjoying the beautiful beaches of the peninsula, the sailors will have the option of joining the fashionable
Buzios Film Festival, with great movies throughout the day.

1. Darren Bundock / John Forbes, AUS, 15 points
2. Roland Gaebler / Rene Schwall, GER, 15
3. Mitch Booth / Andrew Landenberger, AUS, 22
4. Frederic Le Peutrec / Olivier Douvillard, FRA, 23
5. Andreas Hagara / Wolfgang Moser, AUT, 32
6. Fernando Leon Boissier, Jose Luiz Ballester, ESP, 35
7. Ronaldo Van Teylingen / Humberto Decksen, NED, 43
8. Pierre Pennec / Jan Guichard, FRA, 48
9. Roman Hagara / Hans Peter Steinacher, AUT, 51
10. John Lovell / Charlie Ogletree, USA, 57
The Italian Competirors
21 Lorenzo e Marco Bodini
32 Francesco Marcolino e Luca Ramagnino

World Championship Results