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Mondello Bay

Mondello stretching along the rim of a picturesque bay, between Mount Pellegrino and Mount Gallo, is the most important seaside resort in Sicily

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mondellomare.jpg (25736 byte)Mondello stretching along the rim of a picturesque bay, between Mount Pellegrino and Mount Gallo, is the most important seaside resort in Sicily. In the last decade it had an extraordinary urban development with the building of hundreds of villas with flowering gardens, partly losing its character of seaside resort and becoming a desired residential quarter of Palermo. The hotel-tourist development, as well, is remarkable. It offers excellent hotels and a lot of amusements. The particulary temperate climate even in summer makes Mondello one of the most popular seaside resorts.
In the far north of the bay, there is a picturesque fishing village in which the tower rises. In the centre of Mondello a Saracen tower and the ruins of an old castle stand out on the seafront. In the Partanna quarter and in the caves of Mount Gallo, the ruins of a prehistoric necropolis and the remains of the upper Paleolithic period have been discovered. Palermo is situated on the floor and on the sides of the famous “Conca d’Oro” enclosed by a magnificient ring of majestic mountains, its geographical earned it the Phoenician name “Ziz” meaning “flower”. Its mild, healthy climate and the opulence of the luxuriant gardens which surround it also earned in the epithet “Felice” (Happy). The Countless monuments of this city, so extraordinarily rich in art treasures, cover no less than four historical epoces: the architecture of the Arab-Norman period, the artistic expression of the late Middle Ages and Renaissance, the sumptuous profusion of the Baroque in the XVI and XVIII centuries artist.
The earliest traces of man and his creativity in the area around Palermo date back to the last part of the high paleolithic period, during which evidence of a primitive civilisation has come to light on Mount Pellegrino. In the caves above the coastal village of Addaura, weagons and tools made from chipped stones have been found, together with the bones of animals now extinct or migrated and wall etchings deficting foreshortened figures and scenes of life with men and animals.
Twelve thousand years ago High Palaelithic man lived in these caves facing the Tirrenian Sea on mont Pellegrino.

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  • In alto: Il golfo di Mondello vista dal Monte Pellegrino. Un soggetto che ha fatto il giro del mondo. L’Antico Stabilimento balneare. Qui sopra: nelle viste dall’alto Mondello rivela una tavolozza di colori degna dei migliori siti tropicali.
  • Pescatori con le loro reti nel porticciolo del paese di Mondello.